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Wocounter presentation.

Wocounter is a free word and character calculator. You can count paragraphs, characters, phrases in texts online. Wocounter supports a number of languages ??and words such as English, Portuguese, French and Arabic. Separate web pages for each language have been created.

Our calculator allows you to have information by calculating the proportion of the keywords in a text. The key word rate function You can optimize webmasters, students, seo experts and site, and anyone who wants to calculate the number of words and sentences can use it freely.You can also see word and sentence numbers in the short section at the top of the text box

Word and character count

Since our time is so valuable every second, we need an assistant to make calculations quicker. Here, Wocounter helps you. Calculation of text and article numbers in our life is useful for many of our fields. The number of words in the title of the title, the number of words in the site description, The number of words for facebook ads, the number of words for sms messages, and the number of words for sms messages. Our goal is to have at least 300 words in terms of seo and at least 300 words in terms of google. The other webmaster and seo expert should calculate this. Writers' words, sentences, paragraphs should be counted. From this point of view our site provides you convenience with more than one function.

Word counter usage areas.

The vocabulary can be useful for many professions. The professions are fields such as student, lawyer, text writer, editor, webmaster, seo expert. The employees in these fields may need word, character, paragraph counter and keyword ratio. Wocounter allows you to count the number of words and characters in your text very easily and conveniently

The number of words and characters in your text appear under the text box. There is also a shortcut above the text box to show the word and character counts.

Calculate keyword density.

Google reads the keyword density, meta tags, site title, and description within the site to understand the content of your google sites. The keyword categorizes the site by keyword density and indexes.

Webmasters and SEO specialists should calculate keyword density ratios in texts and optimize their articles accordingly. It allows your articles to grow in rankings based on google indexes and keyword density. You need to calculate the keyword density to get your Google authority and quality in the eye. You should pay attention to this issue for the future of your website.

Counting words and letters

In order to increase the readability of your articles and to reach more groups, you have to describe and express yourself with long letters. The more written articles you write, the more understandable the articles, the more readers you can reach. In a text you write, a message, a cv article about your life, Words are the only way to express your feelings and lift the borders. You can set your words well and leave a good impression on the other side.

You need to understand the importance of phrases and use them in the best way. Here you will help the wocounter online tool. You can try it now.

Compute density of keywords, benefits.

You need keyword density tool to optimize the content on your website.This tool counts the keyword density in texts.Google recommends 5% for article.Google spider bots extracts and calculates these rates from your site.Book attention to this number, You need to optimize it.

The text you paste in the Wocounter text box will prevent you from generating spam content by counting the keyword density ratios of the articles.